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Created in his image

 Genesis 1:27

About Me

Who is Greg Finch?

I've been a social worker since 1983 when I  received my MSW from Adelphi University.  Married since 1979.  I  have a son and daughter.

I've worked in healthcare most of my professional life.  First providing direct services and as I grew as a Social Work leader.  I have taught graduate level courses for the University of Buffalo and been a field instructor for Buffalo, Binghamton, Cornell, Syracuse and Marywood Schools of Social Work.  Selected as Field Instructor of the year at the University of Buffalo and Social Work Leader of the year for the Empire State Chapter of the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care.   Because of this range of practice and experience I have worked with almost every type of problem, all ages and a diverse group of people from many backgrounds.

I was commissioned as a Fellow by the  Colson Center for Christian Worldview in May of 2018.  I bring this knowledge of worldview to my practice to help you understand how we are influenced in our thinking patterns and perceptions by the world we live in. My goal is to use this to bring healing and restoration to our world.

Personally I am involved in a wide range of activities that reflect my diverse  interests

  • Avid mountain biker
  • Photographer
  • Bagpiper
  • Restoring a 19th Century Victorian home
  • SCUBA Diver
  • Owner of a classic '96 BMW Z3 roadster

Why Bara Selem?

Bara Selem is based on Genesis 1:27 and reflects my belief that we are all created in God's image and that because of this each of us has worth as an individual.  You don't need to share this belief to work with me, I am able to work with any belief/faith.  

Services provided include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Marital Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Pre-Weight Loss Surgery Evaluations
  • Post weight loss surgery counseling
  • Group counseling


What To Expect

My office is located in my home so expect a casual laid back atmosphere. If you'd like, Angus our labradoodle and trained therapy dog can even stop by while you are here. Appointment times are flexible.  

I plan to establish relationships with the major insurance companies. Until then insurance payment will be reviewed on an individual basis.  

To schedule an appointment: 607-738.2267 gfinch@baraselemcounseling.com  

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Marital Counseling

Having difficulties in your marriage?  Is the spark gone?  Don't seem able to communicate like you used to?  I may be able to help.  My specialty is marital counseling.  

My approach is based on the philosophy that marriage is ordained of God.  I highly value the marital relationship and want to see every couple achieve a relationship that reflects biblical principles.

I enjoy helping couples get their relationships back on track.  In marital counseling I utilize a non-threatening  non-judgemental, non-blaming approach based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  Through couples counseling we'll explore your wants and needs and work towards a solution that emphasizes healthy communication and mutual respect.

Individual Counseling


I  see Individuals for a range of problems including depression, anxiety,  coping with loss as well as those who just need to improve their  well-being.  My approach is based on my belief that each of has been  created by God and each individual is unique and important.  While my world  view is Christian that doesn't mean you need to share that world view  in order for me to be able to assist you.  I am comfortable working with  other faiths or those with no faith.

My approach to  individual counseling primarily uses a Cognitive Behavioral approach,  looking for disconnects between our thoughts, desires and actions.

Weight Loss Surgery Counseling

I helped establish then manage a weight loss surgery program that completed over 2,000 cases.  I also worked as the social worker / counselor in this program and as such did evaluations and facilitated support groups.  I continue to be involved as a support group facilitator.  I would welcome the opportunity to assist you on your weight loss journey or help you get back on track.

World View Education


Are you part of a group that would like to explore the big questions of life?

·Where did I come from?

·Who am I?

·What's wrong with this world?

·What's the solution?

As a Commissioned Colson Fellow I would welcome the opportunity to meet with your group and explore these issues with you.  Other topics include the role of government, the church and family in our society.  Have something else you'd like to explore?  Contact me and let's discuss.

Contact Me

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All clients are seen by appointment only.  Flexible hours are available including evenings and weekends.

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Appointments are available between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM

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Files used in my practice.  Though not required if you'd like to these can be downloaded, signed and brought to your first session.  Click on a file to download.